It’s Time for Open Primaries
in Arkansas

Arkansas voters are proudly independent. But our choices are limited by the partisan primary election system. This partisan system benefits party bosses and special interests, but it’s terrible for regular Arkansans.

Open Primaries Arkansas is a nonpartisan coalition that has introduced a ballot measure for November’s election with a simple solution: Open up primaries to all voters regardless of party and ensure that winning candidates earn support from a majority of the voters. Join us!

This amendment will give Arkansans:

More Choice & More Voice

Open primaries means you can choose from all candidates running in the primary, not just one party’s candidates. That means Arkansans get more choice and more voice in who we elect.

Majority Winners

Elections in Arkansas shouldn’t be decided by a handful of primary voters. This amendment makes sure candidates have to earn a majority of our votes to win without requiring costly runoff elections.

Better Elections that Save Money

The current primary system is great for party bosses and special interests, but not for taxpayers. Open primaries will make candidates focus on what matters to all voters, while saving much-needed taxpayer dollars.